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2021, Dec 12 – VETgirl Webinar


Can a Blood Test Really Detect Cancer in Dogs? Yes, a blood test really can detect cancer! In this complimentary VETgirl – PetDx webinar, Dr. Andi Flory, DACVIM (Oncology) reviews how a blood test can detect cancer in dogs. The term “liquid biopsy” broadly refers to the sampling and analysis of analytes from biological fluids, including blood. Tune in to find out more about this cutting-edge diagnostic approach that can be added to your arsenal for the detection and characterization of cancer.

Join the Revolution in Early Cancer Detection for Dogs

If you are eager to incorporate breakthrough innovation into your veterinary practice, we would love to partner with you. Be among the first to offer our pioneering multi-cancer early detection test to your canine patients. Provide your name and email address and we will reach out as we expand our rollout.

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