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PetDx Poster – AACR 2022

Comparative oncology analysis of canine cancer by tumor and liquid biopsy testing for biomarker and therapeutic discovery in humans and dogs

PetDx Poster – VCS 2021

Clinical validation of a multi-cancer early detection (MCED) blood-based liquid biopsy test in dogs using next-generation sequencing (NGS)

PetDx Poster – VCS 2021

Evaluation of a blood-based liquid biopsy test in canine patients with difficult-to-diagnose cancers

PetDx Poster – VCS 2021

Application of liquid biopsy technology to detect lymphoma in dogs

PetDx Poster – ACVP 2021

Evaluation of genomic heterogeneity in canine cancer by NGS-based analysis of tissue and blood samples

PetDx Poster – AGBT 2021

Liquid biopsy analysis in canine subjects reveals actionable somatic cancer variants shared with humans

PetDx Poster – ACVIM 2021

Veterinarian attitudes toward blood-based ‘liquid biopsy’ testing for cancer detection in dogs View/Download

PetDx Poster – VCS 2020

Owner Attitudes Toward Screening for Early Cancer Detection in Pet Dogs