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OncoK9 – Cancer Monitoring White Paper

Evaluation of OncoK9® for Detection of Residual Disease and Cancer Recurrence in Dogs



Key Takeaways

  • Over 95% of samples with a Cancer Signal Detected OncoK9 result had presence of clinical disease at the same visit or at a future visit, demonstrating detection of molecular recurrence.
  • Following excisional surgery, in the absence of clinical residual disease at the first post-operative visit, patients with a Cancer Signal Detected OncoK9 test result at that visit (indicative of molecular residual disease) were found to be twice as likely to have clinical recurrence within 6 months compared to patients with a Cancer Signal Not Detected result.
  • In patients with a complete response (CR) following therapy, but with subsequent clinical recurrence during a 12-month observation period, 70% had cancer signal detected by the OncoK9 test prior to or concomitant with clinical recurrence; molecular recurrence was detected prior to clinical recurrence in 37% of those cases, with a median lead time of more than 2 months.
  • Next-generation sequencing based liquid biopsy is a new, non-invasive tool that has the potential to improve cancer monitoring for dogs in the post-diagnosis setting. Patients with no clinical evidence of disease but with molecular residual disease or molecular recurrence detected by the OncoK9 test may benefit from closer clinical evaluation and monitoring.

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