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Case Study: Winston - Aid-in-Diagnosis

for Mass Noted on Screening Ultrasound


11-year-old | Male Neutered | Giant Schnauzer | 80 lbs


Use Case
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Clinical Details

Geriatric screening ultrasound noted a splenic mass with vascular appearance. No other findings on exam.

Why OncoK9 Was Performed

Winston’s veterinarian suspected cancer due to an incidentally-detected splenic mass.

OncoK9 Result

Cancer Signal
Cancer Signal Not Detected
Not Detected
  • A Cancer Signal Not Detected result significantly reduces the likelihood that cancer is present, but does not rule out the presence of cancer or the possibility of cancer developing in the future.
  • If cancer is clinically suspected, a full diagnostic evaluation should be performed.

Cancer remained on the list of differential diagnoses, so additional workup was pursued.

Cancer Workup & Findings

Histopathology diagnosis: Nodular lymphoid hyperplasia of the spleen (Benign)

  • Cancer remained on the differential list, so serial monitoring of the spleen by ultrasound was conducted
  • The splenic mass was progressive in size, so splenectomy was performed

Case Takeaways

Outcome: Veterinarian

OncoK9 results helped the veterinarian feel more comfortable with an initial conservative approach to management; however, disease progression prompted surgical intervention.

Outcome: Owner

Due to Winston’s advanced age, the owners were hesitant to pursue surgery if cancer was presumed to be the most likely diagnosis. OncoK9 results helped them feel more comfortable with pursuing surgical intervention.

Outcome: Patient

Winston’s benign splenic disease was ultimately diagnosed. Even benign splenic masses can cause bleeding, and splenectomy can prevent hemoabdomen.

Case Summary

  • 11yo MN Giant Schnauzer with incidental splenic mass noted on screening ultrasound
  • OncoK9: Cancer Signal Not Detected
  • Cancer remained on the differential list, so continued monitoring by ultrasound was performed, which showed size progression of the splenic mass
  • A full diagnostic evaluation was pursued, including removal of the spleen
  • Histopathology confirmed benign pathology in the spleen
  • Patient is doing well – veterinarian and owner are very pleased

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