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Case Study: Shorty - Aid-in-Diagnosis

of Small Cutaneous Tumor


6-year-old | Male Neutered | Mixed Breed | 35 lbs


Use Case
  • Owner/Vet Preference
Clinical Details

Shorty presented for a wellness exam, and was found to have gingivitis, as well as a 6x9 mm mass at the base of the left pinna; routine labwork showed no significant findings.

Case Study: Shorty - Clinical Image

6x9 mm mass at the base of the left pinna

Why OncoK9 Was Performed

Shorty’s veterinarian found a small cutaneous mass and suspected cancer.

OncoK9 Result

Cancer Signal
Cancer Signal Not Detected
Not Detected
  • A Cancer Signal Not Detected result significantly reduces the likelihood that cancer is present, but does not rule out the presence of cancer or the possibility of cancer developing in the future.
  • If cancer is clinically suspected, a full diagnostic evaluation should be performed.

Cancer remained on the list of differential diagnoses, so additional workup was pursued.

Cancer Workup & Findings

Histopathology diagnosis: Mast Cell Tumor

  • Owner decided to proceed with dental cleaning and pinna mass removal, while OncoK9 results were pending
  • The pinna mass was submitted for histopathology

Case Takeaways

Outcome: Veterinarian

This false negative result reinforced that liquid biopsy is not meant to replace traditional diagnostics, especially in the case of easily accessible masses, and the importance of additional workup if cancer remains high on the differential.

Outcome: Owner

A Cancer Signal Not Detected result may help provide owners peace of mind when used in the screening setting; however, it does not rule out the possibility of cancer in cases where cancer is suspected based on clinical findings.

Outcome: Patient

Shorty was able to have surgery to remove the mast cell tumor when it was very small. Shorty is currently cancer-free, and continues to be monitored closely.

Case Summary

  • 6yo MN mixed breed dog with small cutaneous mass at base of left pinna
  • OncoK9: Cancer Signal Not Detected
  • Pinna mass was removed, and histopathology confirmed a mast cell tumor
  • False negative results can occur with liquid biopsy testing, especially with smaller tumors
  • Tissue biopsy testing is preferable to liquid biopsy for masses that are easily accessible for sampling

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