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Case Study: Maci - Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening
in a Dog at High Risk of Cancer Yields Peace of Mind


7-year-old | Female Spayed | Rottweiler | 90 lbs


Use Case
Cancer Screening
  • Age 7 and Older
  • High-Risk Breed
Clinical Details

Maci presented for a routine wellness visit. She had no clinical signs and her physical exam was unremarkable.

Why OncoK9 Was Performed

Maci had no signs of cancer. However, three of her housemates as well as her owner were recently diagnosed with cancer, and the family was understandably concerned about the possibility of Maci having cancer. Her family requested OncoK9 to screen for cancer during her wellness and preventive care evaluation.

OncoK9 Result

Cancer Signal
Cancer Signal Not Detected
Not Detected
  • A Cancer Signal Not Detected result significantly reduces the likelihood that cancer is present, but does not rule out the presence of cancer or the possibility of cancer developing in the future.
  • If cancer is clinically suspected, a full diagnostic evaluation should be performed.

Cancer remained on the list of differential diagnoses, so additional workup was pursued.

Cancer Workup & Findings

  • No current suspicion of cancer on wellness exam, and the OncoK9 result was Cancer Signal Not Detected. This significantly reduces the likelihood of Maci having cancer at this time.
  • No further workup was required.
  • The Cancer Signal Not Detected result provided peace of mind for Maci’s family and veterinarian, and they plan to repeat OncoK9 at her annual wellness visit next year, so that if cancer develops, it has a higher chance of being caught early.

Case Takeaways

Outcome: Veterinarian

The OncoK9 test enhanced the annual wellness workup and enabled the veterinarian to address a “cancer worrier” pet parent’s request for comprehensive cancer screening in a high-risk patient.

Outcome: Owner

The test provided peace of mind after recent experiences with cancer in the family.

Outcome: Patient

The test provided a good baseline screen for cancer, with a simple blood draw. Maci’s family plans to continue annual testing so that if cancer develops, it has a higher chance of being caught early.

Case Summary

  • 7yo FS Rottweiler with no current suspicion of cancer but at higher risk of cancer due to age and breed
  • “Cancer worrier” owner with recent cancer diagnoses in the household (pets and owner)
  • OncoK9: Cancer Signal Not Detected
  • OncoK9 result provided peace of mind
  • Patient will continue annual OncoK9 screening to increase the chances of early cancer detection

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