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Case Study: Henry - Aid-in-Diagnosis

in a Rottweiler with a Neck Mass


15-year-old | Male Neutered | Rottweiler Mix | 55 lbs


Use Case
  • Owner Preference
Clinical Details

Henry was found to have a mass in his ventral neck. The mass was aspirated and reviewed in-house, however the owner declined submitting for cytology.

Why OncoK9 Was Performed

Henry’s veterinarian suspected cancer; his owner was hesitant to proceed with workup or referral, but agreed to liquid biopsy testing as the next step.

OncoK9 Result

Cancer Signal
Cancer Signal Detected
  • A Cancer Signal Detected result significantly increases the likelihood that cancer is present, but does not confirm the presence of cancer. This result should not be used as the sole basis for making important decisions such as treatment or euthanasia.
  • A confirmatory cancer evaluation should be performed to establish a definitive diagnosis.

Due to a Cancer Signal Detected OncoK9 result, a Confirmatory Cancer Evaluation was performed.

Confirmatory Cancer Evaluation

May include any or all of the following:

  • Thorough clinical history
  • Thorough physical exam
    • Including oral and rectal exam
  • CBC and Chemistry
  • Urinalysis
  • Thoracic radiographs – 3 views
  • Abdominal imaging – ultrasound preferred
  • Radiographs of localized areas of bone or joint pain, if present
  • Tissue sampling of any detected masses or enlarged lymph nodes for pathological analysis

In some cases, advanced imaging (such as CT and/or MRI) may be indicated.

Cancer Workup & Findings

Diagnosis: Thyroid carcinoma (Epithelial neoplasia, consistent with thyroid origin)

  • CT scan revealed two thyroid masses and two soft tissue nodules in the accessory lung lobe

  • The owner then elected to pursue FNA cytology of the thyroid masses

Case Takeaways

Outcome: Veterinarian

OncoK9 helped the veterinarian convince the owner to proceed with the recommended diagnostic plan.

Outcome: Owner

OncoK9 helped the owner make the decision to pursue a workup.

Outcome: Patient

Henry’s thyroid carcinoma was diagnosed and he was able to start therapy. Importantly, prognosis can be good with this cancer type, even with the presence of lung metastasis.

Case Summary

  • 15yo MN Rottweiler mix with a ventral neck mass
  • Owner was initially hesitant to pursue conventional workup, but agreed to liquid biopsy testing
  • OncoK9: Cancer Signal Detected
  • Cancer Signal Detected result helped owner decide to pursue workup
  • Imaging confirmed tumors arising from the thyroid gland, as well as possible metastatic sites in the lung
  • FNA cytology of neck mass confirmed diagnosis of thyroid carcinoma

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