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2021, Nov 17 – VetMedTeam Webinar


Cancer Detection in Dogs - With Just a Blood Draw. Blood-based cancer detection, or ‘liquid biopsy’, is now available for both dogs and humans and provides veterinarians with an exciting new tool in cancer detection and characterization. This presentation will outline the fundamental scientific advances behind this technology, including cancer genomics and next-generation sequencing-based detection of circulating tumor DNA. Clinical uses in veterinary medicine will be discussed, with a specific focus on screening for early cancer detection and aid in diagnosis.

2022, Apr 26 – Free VetMedTeam Webinar


Webinar: Integrating Canine Liquid Biopsy Testing Into Your Practice. Did you know that there is now a blood test that can detect 30 different types of cancer in dogs? "Liquid biopsy" using next-generation sequencing offers veterinarians a new option for canine cancer testing using a simple blood draw.

Join Andi Flory, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), to review the clinical validation of a next-generation sequencing-based liquid biopsy test in over 1,000 dogs. Strategies for incorporation of this novel technology into routine clinical practice will be provided and case studies will be presented that describe real-world applications of this testing. The session will also examine ways to explain this advanced genomic technology to pet parents and how to interpret test results in the context of each patient's unique clinical presentation.


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