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2022, October 17 – Free CE Webinar


Title: Detect 30 different types of canine cancer with a simple blood draw: Introducing liquid biopsy testing. Description: At its most fundamental level, cancer is caused by abnormalities in DNA. Advanced genomic sequencing technologies now allow for the identification of these abnormalities using a simple blood draw, opening the door to non-invasive cancer detection in dogs. This session will provide a basic overview of cancer biology and introduce the fundamentals of “liquid biopsy” for canine cancer detection using next-generation sequencing of cell-free DNA. A review of the peer-reviewed clinical validation study of this testing in over 1,000 dogs will be presented, along with recent clinical laboratory experience and case examples from real-world veterinary practices.


Join the Revolution in Early Cancer Detection for Dogs

If you are ready to add the OncoK9 multi-cancer early detection test to your veterinary practice, we would love to hear from you.