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Welcoming Veterinarians & Pet Parents to PetDx Clinical Studies

PetDx® develops non-invasive cancer testing solutions based on rigorous clinical research. To date, our clinical study programs have enrolled over 1,700 pet dogs from more than 40 clinical sites on four continents.

To learn more about our science, read The CANcer Detection in Dogs (CANDiD) study published in the PLOS ONE peer-reviewed journal and browse our resources for publications, posters, and free CE presentations.

Below, you will find descriptions of studies in our current clinical research pipeline. Both veterinarians and pet parents can be part of revolutionizing the early detection of cancer in pets.


To learn more about enrolling your patients into PetDx clinical studies, please complete a brief questionnaire, and PetDx will contact you.

Pet Parents

Please stay tuned. In the near future, we will publish a list of veterinary clinics where your dog may be eligible to enroll into one of our studies.


In the Cancer Lifetime Assessment Screening Study in Canines (CLASSiC), eligible dogs will receive free lifetime testing with the OncoK9 test up to twice per year to demonstrate the benefits of regular cancer screening using a next-generation sequencing-based multi-cancer early detection test and to evaluate the optimal screening interval. If the OncoK9 test yields a Cancer Signal Detected result, the cost of additional visits is also covered by the study. To be eligible for enrollment, dogs must be 7 years of age or older and have no history of cancer or current suspicion of cancer. If the dog belongs to a breed known to be predisposed to cancer, they may be eligible starting at 4 years of age. Certain exclusions may apply.

LIQUiD Study

The LIQuid biopsy Utility in Dogs (LIQUiD) Study aims to demonstrate the benefits of using the OncoK9 test as an aid-in-diagnosis tool when cancer is suspected. This is a short-term study in which most participants will have two study visits. Dogs will be eligible to enroll if there is a current suspicion of cancer based on a clinical evaluation by a veterinarian. Certain exclusions may apply.

COSMiC Study

The COmmon Surgically Managed cancers in Canines (COSMiC) Study is a focused study aiming to evaluate the use of the OncoK9 test in certain surgically managed cancers in dogs. This study will enroll dogs who are at least one year of age, are suspected of having (or are confirmed to have) an eligible cancer diagnosis, and are scheduled to undergo surgery to remove all or part of the tumor. Certain exclusions may apply.